Community | August 16, 2016

5 Tips to Keep Growing

Aveda Artists of Lux Salon/Spa inspire us to keep learning to live our best lives

“Be a student, never be a teacher,” Aveda Founder Horst Rechelbacher told an auditorium full of students during one of his last speaking engagements at the Aveda Institute Minneapolis in 2014. The idea behind these words is simple— no matter where you are in life, never stop learning.


Aveda Artists throughout the globe live such sentiments every day as they continuously take part in experiences and classes designed to enrich their lives. Wade Zylstra and James Cook of Lux Salon/Spa recognize the power of ongoing education as they’ve been holding educational events for their staff since the salon’s establishment in Fullerton, California in 1999. This includes two-day seasonal retreats – held twice a year – where Lux closes shop so the staff of 24 stylists, four spa therapists and six support staff, can participate in workshops, listen to speakers and get to know one another better.

“We recognize that our guests and future clientele appreciate and want the full Aveda experience that includes receiving a beautiful hair or spa service with the high-touch moments that are the Aveda Rituals of Renewal,” Wade says. “To do this we ensure our staff is educated so they are empowered and can keep growing while also helping our guests to flourish. We also make sure our staff is Aveda-certified via the Only You, Only At Aveda program —an outstanding and exciting educational class that brings to life the brand and outlines the power of growth and giving back through ongoing leadership and education.”

As experts on the subject, Wade and James share with us their top five ways to keep growing and the reasons why they believe learning is so important:

1. Higher Education, Higher Esteem
Taking part in ongoing education classes can certainly help you become a master in your chosen profession, but this translates to so much more. Having extra knowledge and expertise in your skill gives you more confidence and overall more happiness in your day-to-day life.

2. Building Teams
When charged with managing a team, creating opportunities for education is truly fulfilling for all involved. At Lux, when we arrange such occasions at the salon, we are able to see our team grow personally, as well as learn ourselves as we revel in the growth of our industry. And of course this all results in our guests getting the best services and leaving Lux happy and satisfied. It’s like a flourishing and exciting eco system!

3. It’s all About People
The best learning opportunity is to simply surround yourself with people. I find that my best learning comes from getting to know my individual staff, listening to what they love and care about, and hearing about their journeys. We can learn so much from each other. And knowledge gained from understanding other people helps us in being more loving and caring individuals.

4. The Power of Words
Go beyond classes and seek out engagements with motivational speakers. I find that inspirational speakers on living your best life have been extremely impactful for the Lux staff. Such experiences allow our staff to learn about themselves, which is imperative to living a healthy, focused life.

5. Giving Back
Being an Aveda salon we are constantly giving back to our community. The Lux staff is often volunteering their own time, which is definitely part of the learning process. Helping others and supporting causes one cares about, helps others, but also helps the giver in building their best self.

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