When Earth Month ends each April, amazing things begin to happen thanks to our many Earth Month partners throughout the world, like WaterAid Canada and our global partner, Global Greengrants Fund. At Aveda, our mission is to “care for the world we live in” and one aspect of this is to help provide and protect clean water for people and the planet.


Today, we share two stories that represent the power of the Aveda Mission and the dedication of our incredible network of Artists and guests across the world. We’re thrilled to share an update on the work of our Earth Month partners in Madagascar. A country with an extraordinary, diverse ecology with plants and animals, some found nowhere else on earth, Madagascar is also where Aveda sources 14 plant and flower essences for some of our beloved aromas, and helps support many communities throughout the country to help protect clean water and local habitats.


Global Greengrants Fund Sees The Change 


Our first story is from Greg Miller of Global Greengrants Fund, Aveda’s Light The Way candle partner. In his own words, Greg, shares an update on the impact of Earth Month fundraising, following his recent trip to Madagascar:


What springs to mind when you think of Madagascar? Baobab trees and lemurs. Vast parched deserts and wet, dense rainforests. For me, it’s water.

The world’s fourth largest island is home to more than 21 million people, most of whom live on less than $2 a day. Since 2009, Aveda and Global Greengrants Fund have partnered to help communities get access to clean and healthy drinking water. Most recently, we funded a community to help protect an endangered lemur habitat near the southern tip of the country. In June, I had the pleasure of visiting this community and others we’ve supported. Throughout my trip I was touched by the welcome I was received with, and I was inspired by the stories of how communities have changed because of our support. These pictures represent the spirit of the communities and the work they are doing to protect and preserve their water sources.

The town of Ampasimanjeva has been a focus point for multiple grants. With Aveda, we have supported two projects, from 2008 to 2010, that delivered water to the center of this 30,000-person township. The population swells to 40,000 people during the clove harvests in September. The tank only disperses about 3,000 liters per day, so the water is used solely for drinking and cooking. Local people use river water for washing.


“The river where people get water for washing.
In addition to the labor involved, community members have been attacked by crocodiles. Pumping water to the center of town
allows families to avoid sending their kids to the river every day.”



Our most recent grant of $30,000 in 2015, in Madagascar was to a group in Imongy called ADRIS. The project aims to set up two areas of protected forest and habitat for Ring-tailed lemurs- primates only found in Madagascar. The forest is also home to many natural and manmade water collection basins, such as pits that fill up during the rainy season which will be monitored and protected with the help of the funds received.


A view of Imongy village and a lemur preserve. 


To learn more about the projects that Global Greengrants Fund supports and to keep in tune of their progress, visit their website at www.greengrants.org.


Aveda Canada Goes Above and Beyond


Our second story is told through this inspiring video below and highlights the trip our friends from Aveda Canada distributor, Collega International, and their Earth Month partner WaterAid Canada took to Madagascar last fall.


The team spent time in the rural municipalities of Sabotsy Anjiro and Belvabary –two communities that benefit from a three-year program striving to provide 100% access to clean water made possible by funds raised only by Collega International during Earth Month.



To learn more about the projects that WaterAid Canada works on and to keep in tune of their progress, visit their website at www.wateraidcanada.com.


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